We are a design studio based in Barcelona working interdisciplinarily and through the different areas within design. Our projects are created from a collaborative, dynamic and creative process seeking for an organic relation with the client -whether it is a small, medium or large company- aiming to develop global or emerging projects.

Etxart Panno


Logotype for the brand @etxartpanno, Barcelona – The name of ETXART PANNO has been renewed, eliminating the ampersand that previously united them and making it a single block. In this way, a new beginning is established, a current and contemporary brand. This is why we base the new corporate image of ETXART PANNO on an aesthetic focused on concepts that have become essential today and that mark our day to day, such as digitality and technology. The transition from physical to digital, online sales and mechanization, now more present than ever, are just some of the principles from which we have taken reference when forming the new brand identity (fonts, compositions, grids …), without neglecting the initial values based on which the brand was created.