We are a design studio based in Barcelona working interdisciplinarily and through the different areas within design. Our projects are created from a collaborative, dynamic and creative process seeking for an organic relation with the client -whether it is a small, medium or large company- aiming to develop global or emerging projects.

Fifth Models

Corporate Identity, & Website UX/UI

Corporate identity and web design for Fifth ​– ​Model agency based in Barcelona. The first step was to understand the classic approach that they had previously. From there, we create a modern proposal by removing a part of its former name, Fifth Avenue. By keeping a part of their name, we maintain their main values ​​while evolving into a more contemporary concept. Its outlined logo allows to overlap the images, working as a stamp and giving an easy recognition to their identity. The web design works as a modular system which allows to contain different types of content, creating a feed that constantly adapts to their visual material. This approach seeks to target a younger audience, demanding a dynamic and visually attractive proposal.