We are a design studio based in Barcelona working interdisciplinarily and through the different areas within design. Our projects are created from a collaborative, dynamic and creative process seeking for an organic relation with the client -whether it is a small, medium or large company- aiming to develop global or emerging projects.


Graphic & Corporate Identity, & Website UX/UI

Graphic and corporate identity for the brand, Formaje, Madrid. – A point of sale and encounter promoting the excellence of artisan cheese, by the hands of Clara Díez y Adrián Pellejo. For the formation of the logo, we have worked with sensitivity and craftsmanship as the core principles for the creation of the typeface, taking as reference chiseled fonts to create the details and the terminals. At the same time, we have taken the way of stacking cheeses and the verticality it produces for its construction and alignment. The result of this creative process is a logo that reflects the project’s personality to perfection. The color palette developed for the brand is paired with the logo using warm tones that match the physical space and its materials (stone, granite, wood, etc.) as well as the color range of cheeses. The logo has been applied to different pieces such as embroidered uniforms, packaging, wrapping paper, physical store…following the established proportions and color guidelines.

Formaje’s online platform has been created based on verticality, one of the main characteristics used in the construction of the brand. In order to do so, we generate a fixed central column in which elements such as the logo, the footer, etc. are placed. These elements will shape the structure of the web and divide it into two main columns- one on each side, where all the content is distributed. This central axis makes its components always visible on the web, creating that feeling of verticality throughout the user’s navigation. In the mobile version, we have adapted this vertical layout, placing the central column in the main menu. This platform will be renewing its contents day by day, in order to bring excellence and cheese crafts to everyone.