We are a design studio based in Barcelona working interdisciplinarily and through the different areas within design. Our projects are created from a collaborative, dynamic and creative process seeking for an organic relation with the client -whether it is a small, medium or large company- aiming to develop global or emerging projects.


Corporate Identity, & Branding

Graphic and corporate identity for HER – Sportswear brand from Hong Kong, China, associated with Nike and with an established shop and cafeteria. HER seeks​ through experience and brand design the creation of a space inspired by spatial aesthetics, as well as reflecting their innovating techniques used in the manufacturing and marketing of its products. From the identity, we wanted to complement the interior design made by Clap, a studio from Valencia, while strengthening conceptually the brand through its materiality, color palette and processes that could represent and simulate the space. Therefore,​ the logo started as an abstraction of the bricks which were used in construction of the store and are also a fundamental part of HER’s atmosphere. From the design of the labels, packaging and products for immediate consumption we wanted to maintain the value proposition based on metallic materials, neutral colors and vacuum packaging, with the logo as the main protagonist.