We are a design studio based in Barcelona working interdisciplinarily and through the different areas within design. Our projects are created from a collaborative, dynamic and creative process seeking for an organic relation with the client -whether it is a small, medium or large company- aiming to develop global or emerging projects.

Pol&Grace Hotel

Identity, Art Direction, Signage, & Website UX/UI

Corporate identity, art direction, signage and web design for Pol & Grace ​– ​Hotel located in Barcelona. With the intention of giving the hotel a more contemporary appearance, it was necessary to understand the base in which it was founded. The hotel is based on the fictional characters Pol, a Catalan architect, and Grace, a writer from London. The graphic identity (logo, signage, image treatment, web and art direction) sought to reflect and translate these two personalities through the balance of two typefaces and the treatment of two color palettes, associated with each of them. Using a third neutral color for the signage we wanted to personificate the hotel itself, as a third element. For the website, the design was divided in two, representing the main characters through the look and navigation. The site runs as an interactive blackboard that opens the physical space of the Hotel to the possibilities of becoming a cultural space and meeting point with a creative identity that seeks to expand its customer segment to a younger audience.